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for Tuesday, October 21, 2014


10:00Existing home salesCould reverse August decline in September
10:15Fed Treasury coupon purchaseNovember 2021 to August 2024 maturities
11:304-week bill auction$1 billion increase to $34 billion
12:00TDF auction resultsParticipation expected to rise to middle of $150 billion to $200 billion range.
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Economic Indicators

The only item on today’s economic data calendar is the existing home sales report for September at 10:00. We expect a small gain in sales that would leave them below their year-to-date and cycle highs. more »

Federal Reserve Operations & the Overnight Market

Fed Open Market Operations The Fed today will conduct the second of its two October purchases covering 7- to 10-year Treasuries. more »

Overnight Funding Monitor Daily GCF repo forecasts more »

Treasury Finance

The Treasury nudged the size of its 4-week bill offering up by just $1 billion this week, to $34 billion. more »

The Money Market Observer

Monday, Oct 20 St. Louis Fed president James Bullard suggested last week that the Fed should reconsider its plan to end its asset purchases at next week’s FOMC meeting. We think that is unlikely, and look for the Fed to complete the tapering process on schedule. Also, in a brief data note, this week’s MMO discusses the reasons why the weekly H.8 report does not exhibit larger quarter-end swings in reserve balances at U.S. branches of foreign banks. more »

Daily Press Summary (pdf)

ICAP's Inside Debt Report for Monday, Oct 20 ICAP's Inside Debt provides relevant end-of-day news summaries and market sector commentary from Reuters for the FOREX, Treasuries, Corporates and Equities markets, a 3 pm EST market snapshot pricing of all market sectors from ICAP and economic data from Wrightson ICAP in a take-home, easy-to-read format. Download a PDF file of the most recent report now. go »

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