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for Friday, December 26, 2014


There are no items on today's agenda.

Federal Reserve Operations & the Overnight Market

Fed Open Market Operations Reserve balance and reverse RP tables more »

Overnight Funding Monitor Daily GCF repo forecasts more »

Treasury Finance

Treasury cash flows table more »

The Money Market Observer

Monday, Dec 22 Chair Yellen did her best to highlight the risk of substantial Fed rate hikes next year in last week’s press conference last week. That is an issue that will weigh heavily on the market in the months ahead. This week’s MMO looks at that and the other key takeaways from the December press conference. We also look at the short- and long-run outlook for the fed funds rate. We have been surprised by the tightness in overnight funds in the latest week, and are unsure how quickly it will run off. Over the longer run, though, we see no reason why the Fed should not be able to keep funds relatively close (on average) to the middle of whatever range the FOMC establishes after liftoff. more »

Daily Press Summary (pdf)

ICAP's Inside Debt Report for Wednesday, Dec 24 ICAP's Inside Debt provides relevant end-of-day news summaries and market sector commentary from Reuters for the FOREX, Treasuries, Corporates and Equities markets, a 3 pm EST market snapshot pricing of all market sectors from ICAP and economic data from Wrightson ICAP in a take-home, easy-to-read format. Download a PDF file of the most recent report now. go »

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