Overview: Fri, April 12

Daily Agenda

Time Indicator/Event Comment
08:30Import pricesSolid (0.5%) increase in March should push the YOY change back into positive territory
09:00Collins (FOMC non-voter)Appears on Bloomberg television
10:00U. Michigan cons. sent., earlyDecline seems likely in early April
12:00Tsy dealer meeting agendaThe countdown to the May refunding announcement begins
13:00Schmid (FOMC non-voter)On the outlook for the economy and monetary policy
14:30Bostic (FOMC voter)On solutions to housing crisis
15:30Daly (FOMC voter)On fintech

US Economy

Federal Reserve and the Overnight Market

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  • MMO for April 8, 2024


    Friday’s employment report didn’t rule out the possibility of a June rate cut but it reduced the margin for error in the upcoming economic data even further.  On the Treasury front, last week’s bill auction announcements gave us a little more certainty about supply in the very short run, but the April tax season could start jumbling the outlook all over again next week.  Finally, the Fed’s banking data on Thursday afternoon reported an unusually large increase in the amount of cash parked in the Fed’s internal RRP pool for foreign central banks.  Most of the increase was temporary – and none of it was attributable to Japan.

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