Overview: Mon, February 17

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Presidents' Day Holiday

US Economy

Federal Reserve and the Overnight Market

Treasury Finance

  • Treasury Highlights for Tuesday, February 18, 2020

    Today’s Fed purchase:  $1.6 billion of coupons maturing within 9-months
    Today’s bill announcements:  1- and 2-month bills
    Today’s bill auctions:  3- and 6-month bills and cash management bills

This Week's MMO

  • MMO for February 17, 2020

    This week’s Money Market Observer covers a grab bag of topics:  near-term bill issuance, the early (and inconclusive) results of the tax refund season to date and the Fed’s oversubscribed term repo operations.  We wrap up with our quarterly tables of major domestic and foreign holders of reserve balances at the Fed.

MMO Analysis